Familienverband von Borries

The purpose of the Association

The association was founded January 17, 1886 in Magdeburg after the suggestion from second-lieutnant Albrecht von Borries.

In the first by-law the association aims for the following goals which are still valid today:

  • active connection within the family
  • create interest for the family history
  • collecting funds for
    1. gathering family wealth which use will be dettermined in future by-laws
    2. printing important documents in connection with the published family tree from 1884 and to cover other expenses in the interest of the family association

On the left hand side you find the crest of Johann Friedrich von Borries from the year 1733 which was awarded to him by the Emperor Karl VI. The crest shows 3 "Brackenköpfe" (heads of hunting dogs) which can be interpreted as a symbol of viilance and which can possibly be traced to the former governorship in the service of the Emperor.

Additional Information